In Person Clinics

Clinics are an excellent way to work with Jodi, at your own location!

Jodi specializes in the All Around Western Performance Horse events, with Trail, Western Riding, Horsemanship, Showmanship and Equitation as the key events.  She also works with Dressage and Hunter riders to improve their performances.


The clinic focus is personalized with the goal of creating a thinking horseman.  Clinics start by getting to know each rider and horse, and understanding their goals for the session. Often working with riders to have a clear, calm and consistent system for communicating will help their horses understand and respond with willingness and softness.

Many participants are impressed by how quickly Jodi analyzes what the rider is doing. By breaking down the system into manageable steps riders are able to leave the clinic with a plan for progression and advancement.

Jodi loves sharing her passion for the process with others, and enjoys watching those "ah-ha" moments when students "get it"!

Get in Touch

Please contact Jodi for more information, pricing and requirements for a personalized in-person clinic.
Jodi's eye for detail is amazing! It’s like she has eyes in the back of her head – she rarely misses anything that is happening with me or my horse!
Jodi stays so up to date and engaged in the industry! I appreciate all of her knowledge of current trends and opportunities and willingness to try new things.
Jodi’s experience in many different facets of the equine industry give her a very broad base of knowledge to draw on to help solve any problem I’m having! Her strong communication skills and ability to analyse the foundations of the problem then explain it to me in a way that I can understand is amazing!
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