2018 Level 1/Rookie & Summer Circuit

In News 2018, Show Highlights by JMQH

The final Area 3 show of the season was another fun and successful one for the JMQH team!

Kayleigh Pollowy- Blink & Im A Natural Secret
High Point Level 1 Amateur (Friday) & Reserve High Point Rookie Amateur for the Summer Circuit

Courtney Bishop & Royal Good Fortune
High Point Rookie Amateur Friday and for the Summer Circuit

Mackenzie Harvey & Lopin Bubba Dun
High Point Amateur and Reserve High Point Green horse

Leslie Riley & Just Playin Star
High Point Select Amateur

We had many wins, top 3 and top 10 placings along with LOTS of personal best rides! Always a pleasure to see the progress from the first show in May till now – very proud of everyone.

For most of our riders, this marks the end of showing for this year and we are already formulating winter goals and 2019 plans. It’s inspirational to work with such a motivated and keen group of people! Thanks for choosing to be part of our team!