Congratulations to Hannah Buijs and Abby Schaap

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Congratulations to HANNAH BUIJS & ABBY SCHAAP on their awesome experience at the AQHYA Youth World Show in Oklahoma!

Hannah Buijs & Lopin To The Bar
Abby Schaap & My Secret Addiction
Semi Finalists in Level 2 Equitation top 30 out of 118 entries!

Travelling to Oklahoma to show at the most prestigious AQHA Youth event is a huge commitment and both Hannah & Abby rose to the challenge of the hard work involved with many practice rides without stirrups, without reins, with sweat dripping from them and being told “one more time around”. Both girls never complained, never said “no” or I’m too tired – they just buckled down and carried on. From a coaching perspective – they are fantastic students and a joy to work with!

Their horses Tucker & Riley were absolute rock stars, handling the drive, the heat, the new environments like total pro’s and we are so lucky they made the trip safely and stayed healthy throughout! They enjoyed the free eating buffet at the show (I think they gained weight?!) and the spa treatments to make their bodies feel better, the many hours in the aisle with their heads out of their stalls and getting lots of treats.

Both Hannah & Abby’s parents (Chris & Margo, Erin & Adam and Hannah’s Oma Theresa & John) also need to be thanked for their commitment, dedication, love and support. They pour their heart and soul into making sure these girls have everything they need to chase their dreams and they live the joys and heartbreaks right alongside them. Thank you for everything you do!

We had lots of fun times with many dinners out, getting make up done (in the air conditioning and for free – what a treat!), some touristy trips and shopping. We enjoyed getting to meet and cheer on fellow Ontario riders Bailey & Chloe and it was excellent to have a chance to participate in the Youth Parade. We seemed to be the favourite location for all the lost and loose dogs and made many new friends – especially with the $5 Walmart pool. That was a popular spot for people and dogs to cool off from the oppressive heat.

THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this journey possible and thank you to all of our friends who watched classes on the live feed and sent messages of love and support!

This was Hannah’s last show as a Youth – and she got to share the experience with her good friend Abby…what a fabulous memory for these young ladies to share! Thrilled to be a part of it all, and I look forward to cheering Hannah on as an Amateur and maybe Abby will get a chance to compete in Oklahoma again…keep on chasing your dreams girls – we BELIEVE in you!

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