Bittersweet Day as Xena Departs for Vermont

In News by JMQH

Congratulations to Erin Longworth – we wish you the best of luck with Remember Me Good!

A bittersweet day as Xena (Remember Me Good) travelled to her new home in Vermont with Erin Longworth Performance Horses.

Xena touched many lives in her time in Ontario and is a very special girl. I know she will have many supporters cheering her on from here as she does great things for her new owners! We will be your biggest fans and wish you the greatest success with her! 🦄🙌

Many thanks to Shelley Scriver for your faith in my program and giving me the chance to work with you both all these years. Lots of amazing memories to cherish. 🙏🏻

Got a quick sunrise candid in as she left this morning – and of course she was all settled in and eating as soon as she arrived! Gotta love her (her priorities are always eating!). 👑💜