Schleese Saddlery Sponsored Rider

In News by JMQH

Thank you to Schleese Saddlery for sponsoring my western Legacy saddle.

The innovative design allows for a completely custom fit for horse and rider, with an emphasis on creating a design that works for a woman’s body structure. Several clients have purchased these saddles and find it much easier to connect with their horses and to achieve better alignment in their bodies.

The horses are more comfortable and happier (as verified by independent equine body workers). Making changes to the saddles as the horses body develops are easy and inexpensive with these adjustable designs.

Thank you to Heather Doig for your assistance with customizing fit and to Schleese for the opportunity to represent you.

Recently Jodi has had the opportunity to participate in the new developing event of Western Dressage. This is a ‘fun’ addition to the roster of typical events that clients compete in.

She also coaches several traditional dressage riders to help them improve their foundations and connection with their horses. Jodi’s diverse upbringing allows her to meet clients from a variety of disciplines and communicate effectively.

Here’s a video of Jodi and her horse HoneyDukes competing in their first virtual Western Dressage show. They scored 76.875% for a winning ride!