Video Lessons

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Video analysis lessons are a great way to keep you and your horse in shape while we await the opportunity to go to a horse show! Send Jodi a 5-10 minute video and let her help you with a detailed lesson using the latest digital technology. The lesson videos have audio overlay with slow motion and on screen mark up to help you “see” where you can improve your connection and communication with your horse.

Here are some testimonials from students who have taken lessons and raved about the information they received:

Testimonial 1 – CR, Toronto

Jodi’s video lessons have some amazing advantages that I never would have expected. Her use of slow motion shows detail that really helps the rider see and understand what is happening during maneuvers and slow motion rewind gives the rider another way to see the breakdown of what’s taking place in a pattern.

Every section of your performance can be analyzed in detail and Jodi’s voice over commentary throughout the video is a great teaching tool. She highlights with coloured lines to pinpoint problems and make it easy to see what she is discussing. They are a great way to continue improving your performance with your horse!

Testimonial 2 – BO, Collingwood

Video lessons have been a saving grace after having to move too far away for in person coaching! Jodi’s ability to combine voice overs with slowing down the videos and drawing on the images has given me entirely new perspectives on training my horse as well as a deeper understanding of body mechanics and the ways in which I can improve my riding ability.

It is so easy to simply video myself either working through a pattern or simply schooling my horse, send it off and get an in depth video recording back that I can continuously examine and learn from!