2016 Spring Classic

In Show Highlights by JMQH

The JMQH Show team started 2016 off with a bang at the Area 3 Spring Classic! We had a great show with everyone having something to be proud of – whether that was placings or personal best accomplishments.

Thank you to Area 3 for putting on a fantastic circuit despite some management challenges…and to the generous members and exhibitors who stepped up to help out and run a big show! Your hard work was appreciated!

We were blessed to have perfect weather throughout the show (let’s hope that’s the same for the rest of them!). One night we showed till 11:00 – and were thankful for the outdoor lighting so we could continue while trail was in the indoor.

Here’s some highlights:

6th in Amateur Showmanship on his debut earning his first points! 2nd in Green Hunter Under Saddle, Top 3 in Amateur Equitation, Top 10 in Green Trail, Amateur Trail and Western Riding

Wins in Rookie Youth Hunter Under Saddle and Equitation and top placings in Showmanship. What a fantastic show for this young team!

Shelley & Xena – CIRCUIT CHAMPIONS Novice Amateur Trail (winning under all 4 judges)
CIRCUIT CHAMPION Select Showmanship and top placings in Select Horsemanship
Jodi & Xena – 2nd in Green Western Riding, Top 5 Senior Trail

Kenz & Bosco – CIRCUIT CHAMPION Amateur Ranch Riding and Open Ranch Riding
Top 5 in Amateur Trail and Western Riding

Jodi & Tyler – CIRCUIT CHAMPIONS Green Trail
Carol & Tyler – Top 5 Amateur & Open Geldings, Top 10 Novice Trail

Alex & Christi – CIRCUIT CHAMPION Amateur Equitation, Top 5 in Amateur Horsemanship

Cassidy & Ted – CIRCUIT CHAMPION 13 & Under Hunter Under Sadddle
Amazing first show for this new and young team! Wins in Rookie Youth and 13 & Under Hunter Under Saddle earning their first AQHA points. Also had top placings in Showmanship, Horsemanship and Trail!

Hannah & Tucker – Reserve HIGH POINT YOUTH 14-18 with Wins in Youth Showmanship, Pleasure, Horsemanship and Western Riding

Allyson & Sinead – Top 5 in Junior Hunter Under Saddle
Leslie & Sinead – 2nd in Select Showmanship earning Sinead’s first AQHA Showmanship points

Allyson & Casper – Top 5 Green Hunter Under Saddle, Top 10 Green & Jr Trail
Denise & Casper – Top 10 Rookie Trail and Amateur Geldings

Arlene & Diesel – Top 5 in Amateur & Senior Trail and Novice Showmanship, 2nd Novice Western Riding

Tricia & Christi – 2nd in Novice Showmanship

Jess & Ozzie – Top 5 Amateur Showmanship

Julie & Sierra – 2nd in Ranch Riding

Julie & Harvey – Top 5 in Rookie Horsemanship & Showmanship