JMQH Training and Lesson Program

JM Quarter Horses offers a complete program for horse and rider – from finding the right match for a client purchasing their next partner to developing the horse into their show mount and working with the Youth and Amateur owner to develop their skills all the way from Rookie/Novice to accomplished top competitions.

Horses that come into Jodi’s program are coming into just that, a program, where they are treated with kindness, loyalty and integrity with a long term plan on how to achieve their goals. Clients will have confidence knowing their horse and investment are with a trainer who cares for and manages all aspects of training and everyday care with a close attention to detail – which is key to a winning team!

When considering sending your horse to Jodi for training, you should ask yourself about your goals and determine what your needs are. Do you have a show horse who needs a tune up? Do you have a young prospect who needs some new buttons put on to get to the show ring? Do you have a pleasure horse who you just want to be more finished for your lessons? Do you have a difficult horse who needs a new education? Be honest about your current situation and also about what your goals are. Then talk to Jodi to see if your horse is a good “fit” for her program.

Jodi’s program and successes in the show ring are geared towards making your young or seasoned all around horse excel in a variety of pattern and rail events. The horses all learn to be mannered, focused and respectful. They have a good solid foundation which will allow them to move on to any discipline in the future – whether your goal is to have a show horse or a responsive, broke pleasure mount.

Training sessions are individualized to the horse and designed to fit each horse’s specific needs. A training session may consist of ground work, longeing, ponying, showmanship and/or riding. Services may be provided by Jodi or one of her assistants under her guidance. Horses will be very lightly groomed and feet picked prior to riding.

Lessons are a key to progression of the rider’s partnership with their horse. In lessons we work on all the fundamental skills needed to create safe, thinking horsemen while at the same time working towards goals for the show ring. Clients enjoy the detailed process of our lessons as we focus on connection and communication with our equine athletes.

Please contact Jodi for more info and pricing.

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Clinics are an excellent way to work with Jodi at your own location! She specializes in the All Around Western Horse events, with Trail, Western Riding, Horsemanship, Showmanship and Equitation as the key events.

The focus is the much the same as her lesson and training program – with the goal of creating thinking horseman who communicate effectively with their horse in a language and manner that their equine partner can understand.

Many participants are impressed by how quickly Jodi can analyze what the rider is doing to break down communication with the horse and how to make a change that will drastically improve understanding, performance and willingness in their equine partner.

Jodi loves sharing her passion for the process with others and enjoys watching those “ah-ha” moments when students “get it”!

Please contact Jodi for more info and pricing.

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