Video Lessons

Video Lessons

With the popularity of virtual horse shows you can now submit one of your pattern videos for a breakdown and detailed analysis of your ride.

Jodi will produce a highly detailed and informative digital analysis of your ride. Returned videos are complete with audio overlay, slow motion, screen shots and on screen mark ups to help improve your pattern.

Some clients have chosen to send their videos to Jodi before their virtual horse show submission. Jodi's critique allows them to improve key areas resulting in a better ride. Often, their entry is improved to the point where they see a better placing than what they might have achieved otherwise!

How to Submit

Contact Jodi via email to let her know your timeline and any particular areas you wish to focus on. Be sure to share a picture of the actual pattern beforehand.

Videos can be sent privately through Facebook Messenger or uploaded to Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive or Dropbox.

Analysis Fee

Cost is $35 (+HST) for a single pattern video. Analysis videos will be uploaded back to you via Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, Dropbox. They can also be provided via the JM Quarter Horses YouTube channel as an unlisted (private) link if that is easier for mobile viewing.

In Depth Lessons

Longer video lessons as well as in depth lesson plans can be arranged - contact Jodi for information and technical questions.
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Video Lessons
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